April 30, 2022

Admission Info:

This event is open to the public. 


Session 1- Breaking Barriers -- 9AM-12PM, Exhibit Hall

Session 2- Multiply Missions -- 1PM-3PM, Exhibit Hall

Session 3- Fixers -- 4PM-7PM, Exhibit Hall 

The “POWER Run 40 Conference” is designed to bring together 40 dynamic ministries that are dedicated and equipped to address critical problems in communities such as abuse, addiction, depression, domestic violence, homelessness, poverty, and child trafficking. Moreover, as faith leaders and fixers, this group is poised to help empower attendees to move from a state of brokenness and captivity to one where they are ready, willing, and able to fulfill their God-given destiny through the Grace Of CHRIST. Attendees will experience an atmosphere of solutions, faith empowerment, healing and the power of agreement between a strong connection of fixers who are empowered by the Holy Spirit.

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