Important Documents

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Exhibitor Information

Before You Come

  • Requests to drop off equipment must be approved in advance. 
  • Requests to mark the floor must be approved in advance.
  • Dock spaces are assigned by facility management.

Day of Show

  • The CMCC personnel are not allowed to enter an exhibit booth for the purpose of cleaning. Clients must contract this service with a decorator or make arrangements with facility management prior to show dates.
  • The decorating company is responsible for servicing all of their equipment (e.g. booth carpet cleaning, emptying booth trash cans, etc).
  • Removal of crates, cardboard and/or pallets is required. This service can be contracted with facility management.
  • Storage is not allowed in the facility unless contracted.
  • Flammable liquids are prohibited and may not be used or brought into the facility.
  • Cooking containers must be a 5 gallon or 25lb. container. Butane or Propane is acceptable. Fire Marshall must be onsite when using cooking containers at the client’s expense. This service can be contracted with facility management.
  • Exit signs must be visible at all times.
  • Display vehicles require approval. 
  • Storage of general service contractor equipment, such as forklifts, truck trailers, etc. are not permitted before or after the lease premises date(s) specified on the contract.
  • Facility should be returned to the condition in which it was received with the exception of normal wear and tear. Excessive clean-up required by the CMCC may result in additional charges. 


Floor Plan and Facilities Guide

Review our floor plan or download our full facility guide, containing all the details that planners and exhibitors need to prepare for an event at CMCC.

View Floor Plan Download Facility Guide

Where Should I Stay?

There are over 2,000 hotel rooms within one mile of the convention center. We're happy to arrange rooms for your group within walking distance of the center. Contact us for help!

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