To access the free internet when you are in the CMCC:

The CMCC offers complimentary wireless Internet access to clients and attendees. 10 Mbps bandwidth is shared among all free wireless users. If additional bandwidth or Internet services beyond the hotspot access is needed, upgrades may be purchased.

Free Internet Access

To access the free Internet:

  1. Connect to CMCC Guest
  2. Wait for a pop-up login page
  3. Select General Plan-Free and click "Continue"
  4. You will then be connected!

Events with upgraded internet will have login credentials made available by your event host.

Internet and Data Connection Guidelines

  • Exhibitors and visitors are responsible for configuring their wired or wireless devices to access the CMCC network.
  • Internet connection requires computers to have a working wireless networking card.
  • The CMCC network traffic is monitored at all times. Malicious devices or activities found on the network will be denied access.
  • No customer-owned wireless access points, DHCP, proxy or wireless servers are allowed inside the CMCC.

Upgraded Internet Services

Upgraded Internet services, including unique static external IP addresses, large network drop counts or additional bandwidth, must be requested at least 72 hours in advance of an event. For service in outdoor spaces, quotes will be given per location. For upgraded services, a registered username and password will be set up.

Wireless Internet Access

$250/ 5 Mbps connection
$300 onsite order

Wired Internet Access

$250/ 5 Mbps connection
$300 onsite order


(1) Hardwired Internet Connection
10 Mbps shared among all users, additional Mbps may be purchased
Can accommodate up to 24 connections at switch location.

Dedicated High Speed Connection/Static Public IP Address

$1000 each includes (1) IP address
(1) Hardwired Internet Connection
Additional IP addresses $250 each
10 Mbps bandwidth shared among all users, additional Mbps may be purchased

Increased Mbps 

$50/Mbps may be purchased per whole Mbps only
$25/Mbps for purchases above 20 total Mbps

A Bandwidth Estimator is available here.