We can provide staff to make sure your event goes off without a hitch. Contact us to talk specifics and we'll arrange it for you!

Personnel Regular Rate Holiday Rate Rush Order Rate
Security Guards $20/hour $30/hour $40/hour
Parking Attendant $20/hour $30/hour $40/hour
Ticket Taker $20/hour $30/hour $40/hour
Coat Check Attendant $20/hour $30/hour $40/hour
Cleaning Attendant $16/hour $26/hour $36/hour
City of Columbia Police Officer $45/hour and up $55/hour N/A
City of Columbia Fire Marshall $45/hour and up $55/hour N/A
General Labor $18.50/hour $30/hour $37/hour
Engineer $60/hour $75/hour $120/hour
Paramedic/EMS Team $60/hour $75/hour N/A

Event security is required at the discretion of the Security Manager, and for all events that are open to the public, have more than 200 attendees, or are serving alcohol.

All staff rates are subject to change without notice. Regular rate applies to orders received 72 hours in advance. Rush order rate applies to orders received within 72 hours before the event. Within 72 hours personnel availability is not guaranteed. Minimum of 4 hours required for all hourly attendants listed above.