I Love Sundays Again!

July 28, 2022


“I Love Sundays Again!” features educator, innovator and author of Empower, John Spencer as he facilitates and ignites an educational shift that empowers our teachers and students to own their learning. We will celebrate and network OPL/KW Lighthouse Districts as they continue to lead student-centered practices through the lens of the SC Framework for Personalized Competency-Based Learning in South Carolina.


This gathering is hosted by our partners at KnowledgeWorks with the SCDE Office of Personalized Learning #personalizeSC. 


Find more information about student-centered practices in South Carolina and free professional learning opportunities on our website  https://sites.google.com/view/personalizescpd/home Follow us @personalizeSC. 

Find out more about our partners  https://knowledgeworks.org/ here and follow them @knowledgeworks. 


Not open to the public.