Know Before You Go - Accessibility at the CMCC

The Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center is an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant facility and is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to all of our guests while giving you the best experience during your event. 

Important Note: If you have a special request, concerns or need additional accommodations to enjoy your event at the CMCC, please contact an event manager or call the front desk prior to your event at (803) 545-0181.

Service Animals 
Animals are our friends but the CMCC does not allow pets into the facility. Only certified service animals or service animals in training will be allowed into the building. All other animals are prohibited. 

Braille Signage 
Most meeting rooms and all restrooms are equipped with braille signage. The CMCC Events Department is also available to escort attendees to the meeting rooms as needed, ensuring you are in the correct location. 

Concession stands and food carts are located throughout the center depending on what each event has ordered. Upon request, food service hosts will read menus located at each concession outlet.

All passenger elevators at the CMCC are accessible to guests with disabilities. 

The center has accessible entrances from Lincoln Street, the Turnaround and the CMCC Parking Lot. Sloped sidewalks are available at all entrances. Automatic doors are located at each main entrance to the CMCC. Doors are all wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs, scooters, etc. 

First Aid / Emergency Scenarios
If you need first aid assistance, please contact the nearest security guard or event manager. In the event of an emergency, please follow the directions of emergency personnel and staff. CMCC personnel have been trained for emergency situations and will direct you during crisis scenarios. AED machines and fire extinguishers are located throughout the building. Guests with disabilities that may need special assistance during an emergency situation should notify their planner or the CMCC in advance of their event.

Hearing Enhancement and Interpreters 
Assisted Listening Devices are available for every event with audio visual. One week advanced notice is required. Please contact the CMCC Events Department. Information on local interrupters can also be provided. 

Nursing Mothers
The CMCC is excited to offer a Nursing Mother’s Suite. The CMCC Staff welcomes any nursing mother to locate event personnel with their requests. A private, lockable space will be provided to mothers as needed. 

Parking & Loading
The CMCC Parking Lot, adjacent to the facility has (8) accessible parking spots located near the lower level CMCC entrance. Two accessible unloading and loading zones are available -- one at the Lincoln Street main entrance and one at the lower level CMCC entrance. The CMCC Parking Lot can accommodate regular vehicles and vans.

Accessible restrooms are available throughout the center. Our large women’s restrooms have (2) stalls with grab bars and our large men’s restrooms have (1) stall with a grab bar. Private family restrooms with grab bars are located on both levels next to the elevator.

Water Fountains
Water fountains are placed throughout the center and include an automatic bottle re-fill station. Drinking cups can also be provided for your convenience. Flush controls, faucet controls and hand towel dispensers are automatic.

Room Setups
The CMCC Events Team is dedicated to setting each room as per ADA compliance. Event Managers utilize diagramming systems to ensure each planned aisle and all perimeters are accessible. The CMCC has (1) wheelchair ramp available if ordered by event planners in advance. Stairs with rails are used with all CMCC staging. 

Wheel Chairs
The CMCC has (1) wheelchair onsite to be used in case of emergencies and on a first-come, first-served basis. If wheelchairs are needed for your event, please contact an event manager for rental information.